Serena is a sheltered young woman who is jolted into the horrors of the real world, and pains from dysfunctional relationships. After her father dies unexpectantly, and her mother hides into a deep depression, her life begins to spin out of control, into a whirlwind of abuse, jealousy, and self- hate. Barely graduating high school, Serena attempts to get through life the best way she knows how, by pouring everything into her relationship with Brian.

She is forced to face a bitter reality once he leaves her for Bianca, who is an old friend of Serena’s. Leaning on her best friend Carmella for support, it seems like everything will be fine, until she learns of a betrayal that breaks apart their friendship forever.

For the first time, Serena is officially stuck without her boyfriend, bestfriend, and family. She has to decide if she will falter from all of her flaws, mistakes, and pain, or if she will overcome every obstacle that stood in her way.

This beautifully written coming of age story explores love, friendship, sexuality, and forgiveness in the 21st century.

Chapter 1 CLICK HERE

Chapter 2 CLICK HERE

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