Where I like to post the crazy things that are on my mind. I like to talk shit, give advice, inspire, and inform about everything and anything.  I write about my experiences with dating, sexuality, love, friendship, self confidence, and EVERYTHING else. #NotThemOtherBlogs @NyqueBrown
 Trust the Process: Mastering Patience
Patience photo

noun; the capacity to accept or tolerate delay, trouble, or suffering without getting angry or upset.

Mastering patience is essential to live a loving, successful life.

In today’s society, everything is instant and in your face, right now. And that can be good for some instances. Like when you have to transfer money over from another account, or when your boo hits you up during the day. But when it comes to intangible things like building love, and creating success, there is not an instant result. If you wanted a lipstick from Fenti, it is as easy as going to the website and ordering one, or simply driving to the store to purchase. If you’re really in a rush now you can order…READ MORE

Get The Steppin’! 5 Ways to Get Out of Your Own Way


1.) Stop Hating Yourself

It’s not even that you hate yourself, you just don’t love yourself enough. You rather someone else love you. Or what you think love means. You rather focus on a relationship or a career instead of nurturing your own personal growth. It’s not that you hate yourself, you just hide parts of you…so you don’t have to deal with them. You don’t hate yourself, you just accept whatever you can get, just so you can say you have it.


How You Gon Act Like That?: Get Rid Of Those Negative Thoughts
 Ladies. It’s time for us to change our way of thinking! I encounter women of different races, sizes, educational levels, etc. who cannot get themselves in order to get to happiness. The reason why so many of US are unhappy is because our thinking is fucked up. There are many elements in our society that we can place blame on for our inner-negative-self-ideologies, however it is OUR job as women, a-step in our womanhood, if you will, to evolve our negative thoughts into positive thoughts that will prepare us for happiness, motivate future endeavors, and build confidence, and self-esteem.

  1. The first thing that you should do to change your way of thinking is to stop carrying the guilt of past mistakes you’ve made. It’s not that deep! It doesn’t matter what you have done. There’s no way of becoming who you are destined to be if you down yourself from mistakes of the past… READ MORE

Investing In Yourself: The Coochie StockWe all took sex Ed in school and figured out that EVERY woman has a vagina, right? So what makes yours so special? Why brag about something that EVERY woman has? No good coochie ever made a man stay with a woman. I don’t mean staying by breaking up with you, forming a new relationship with another woman, and still having sex with you on the side. I don’t mean a man staying with you by stringing you along in a situationship. That’s not staying and that’s not a bond. You’re just easy and accessible. Still don’t believe me?

5 Reasons Why You’re Single on Valentine’s Day

You messin with a dude that don’t want you.

Let me explain, don’t get all defensive on me now. We have all been there as women. You crush over a guy that you’re so attracted to, and try to hold him to the same rules as the other fuckboys. Like you don’t call them first, respond to texts immediately, or you wait until the fourth time you see him to let him finger you, you know shit like that. But when you get around them you just laugh and smile, that dopey Oh-I’m-So-Attracted-To-You-I-Can’t-Believe-You-Want-Me-I-Don’t-Know-What-To-Say-Smile. This is so boring…Read More

Why You Always Lyin?? How To Avoid The B.S. In Dating
Why do we always try to impress a dude we just met? Why do men act like they are so interested in us, do the most to get our attention, and then ignore us?

So let me tell you what I know. Men know that we love to talk about ourselves. They know we want to feel supported, appreciated. Loved, and all that. They use this to their advantage by acting like they’re getting to know us. Through this façade they are able to discover our insecurities, and issues. It’s really simple to do this because we tell them everything they need to know. Regardless if its willingly, or covertly.

Stay with me.

Let’s just say on the first date a man who you were attracted to took you somewhere impressive, treated you like…READ MORE

Forgive Me Not: Self-Forgiveness
Tonight I wanted to talk about self-forgiveness. I know many of us struggle with this, but we have to address it because there is a lot of emotional baggage that we carry that is associated with self-forgiveness. According to Dr. Fred Luskin, the director of The Stanford University Forgiveness Project, the biggest reason why we can’t forgive ourselves easily is because we burden ourselves with the memories daily. These mistakes replay over and over again in our brains, which can affect many areas in our lives.  For starters, beginning a new relationship while we are still dealing with our guilt isn’t healthy for us or the relationship. Dr. Luskin states, “If you keep beating yourself up, then the person who tries to love you will beat you up too”. Think about that. It resonates some truth to me. Additionally, the mind and the body are connected, so by harboring guilt you are affecting your health. I.e. Higher cholesterol and blood pressure, reduce your ability to think straight, and tense your muscles. In extreme cases it can cause depression, suicide, and alcohol and drug abuse…READ MORE

You Should Go After The Man You Want
Scenario: You’re out with your girls, looking good, smelling good, all that. You keep seeing this man look at you in the corner of your eye. You give him the once over and he looks good.  Something you haven’t seen in awhile. I mean he looks so good it almost make you want to find his mom and slap her. Get the picture? So you tell your friends to look but don’t look right now, even though they look directly at him anyway. (All extra). He notices and throws you a genuine smile. But then nothing. You wait for him all night to come talk to you, but he doesn’t. So right before you leave, you see him by himself. Do you approach him? READ MORE
Goin’ Out Solo Dolo
Photo Credit: Google Images

Have you ever went to the movies, out to eat, or a club by yourself?

I actually just started hangin’ with myself more. This is something new to me because I’m used to having at least one friend go somewhere with me. But as of late, I have been wanting to participate in different activities but passed up the events because I had no one to accompany me. It’s happened so many times over the past year and for all different reasons. Either my friends didn’t have the money at the time, couldn’t find a babysitter, hair wasn’t done, etc. &this was vice versa too ‘cus I know I passed up some fun events with my friends as well for those same reasons.


The Social Media Blues: Don’t Judge A Book By Its Cover 

I remember a couple of years ago around the holidays I deleted all my social media connections. At this time I was already depressed and after being online for only 15 minutes I was feeling even worse. Viewing all the loving photos from my friends and their families. The abundance of presents and big home cooked feasts. I didn’t want to see all the joyfulness of others. It’s not that I was being a hater (maybe I was..alil bit) but I already was in a bad place so seeing people in an utter bliss of holiday spirits was not making me feel any better. My rationale mind didn’t take into consideration that the couple that I see posting pictures has been arguing the entire year and are on the verge of breaking up, or that my other Facebook friend that posted 1000 gifts for her two year old son maxed out all of her credits cards to show those gifts off.

Have you ever felt like this?

Being in a Relationship is Not a Badge of Honor
Photo Credit: Google Images

 Today I wanted to address something that I see in all ages and races of women. I feel as women we have identity issues. Well, that’s an understatement. I mean an identity issue particularly when it comes to being in a relationship…Ok, let me just say it: WE BE TOO HYPED ABOUT HAVING A MAN OR A GIRLFRIEND, JUST BEING IN A RELATIONSHIP PERIOD. Read More



Pregnancy & Education: Tips and Experiences 
First things first. Don’t be embarrassed. Being pregnant is not something to be embarrassed or ashamed about. When you come in the room for the first time, or walk around campus, there will be eyes on you. Own it. I know sometimes it’s hard to be confident while being pregnant but take pride in the fact that you are making an effort to improve you and your child’s life by attending school. Always keep the goal in mind.

Lovers & Friends Pt. 2 GirlFriends
Is it cool to experiment sexually with your friends, like with another girl?
 So you want to eat your friend’s box, huh? Should you do it? Ehh.. I don’t know about that one. This is hard to answer, depending upon the friendship you have and who you are. Speaking from my own personal experience I don’t think it is a good idea to have sex with a REAL friend. If you have a really close friend that you’re thinking about smashing, that may turn out bad. When you open your body up to anyone sexually, whether it be male or female, you can develop feelings for that person. And this is where the problems begin. After the ordeal you may feel uncomfortable or awkward around each other. Your friend should be like family. &You wouldn’t want to ruin a good friendship over being bi-curious. Well I wouldn’t think so..

2 thoughts on “Talkin’ My Shit

  1. I agree that some women can lose their identity in relationships. Being the perfect girlfriend for their boyfriend consumes them and then every girls night out turns into a couples retreat. I hate that shit. I think it's healthy in relationships to spend some time apart and have time set aside for yourself. Being in love and a relationship is beautiful but one should stay true to their self and find their own happiness.


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