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5 Reasons Why You’re Single on Valentine’s Day
  1. You messin with a dude that don’t want you.

Let me explain, don’t get all defensive on me now. We have all been there as women. You crush over a guy that you’re so attracted to, and try to hold him to the same rules as the other fuckboys. Like you don’t call them first, respond to texts immediately, or you wait until the fourth time you see him to let him finger you, you know shit like that. But when you get around them you just laugh and smile, that dopey Oh-I’m-So-Attracted-To-You-I-Can’t-Believe-You-Want-Me-I-Don’t-Know-What-To-Say-Smile. This is so boring

Goin’ Out Solo Dolo
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Have you ever went to the movies, out to eat, or a club by yourself?


I actually just started hangin’ with myself more. This is something new to me because I’m used to having at least one friend go somewhere with me. But as of late, I have been wanting to participate in different activities but passed up the events because I had no one to accompany me. It’s happened so many times over the past year and for all different reasons. Either my friends didn’t have the money at the time, couldn’t find a babysitter, hair wasn’t done, etc. &this was vice versa too ‘cus I know I passed up some fun events with my friends as well for those same reasons.


The Social Media Blues: Don’t Judge A Book By Its Cover 


 I remember a couple of years ago around the holidays I deleted all my social media connections. At this time I was already depressed and after being online for only 15 minutes I was feeling even worse. Viewing all the loving photos from my friends and their families. The abundance of presents and big home cooked feasts. I didn’t want to see all the joyfulness of others. It’s not that I was being a hater (maybe I was..alil bit) but I already was in a bad place so seeing people in an utter bliss of holiday spirits was not making me feel any better. My rationale mind didn’t take into consideration that the couple that I see posting pictures has been arguing the entire year and are on the verge of breaking up, or that my other Facebook friend that posted 1000 gifts for her two year old son maxed out all of her credits cards to show those gifts off.

Have you ever felt like this?

Become Interested in Yourself.
Being in a Relationship is Not a Badge of Honor.
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 Today I wanted to address something that I see in all ages and races of women. I feel as women we have identity issues. Well, that’s an understatement. I mean an identity issue particularly when it comes to being in a relationship…Ok, let me just say it: WE BE TOO HYPED ABOUT HAVING A MAN OR A GIRLFRIEND, JUST BEING IN A RELATIONSHIP PERIOD.


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Pregnancy & Education: Tips and Experiences 
First things first. Don’t be embarrassed. Being pregnant is not something to be embarrassed or ashamed about. When you come in the room for the first time, or walk around campus, there will be eyes on you. Own it. I know sometimes it’s hard to be confident while being pregnant but take pride in the fact that you are making an effort to improve you and your child’s life by attending school. Always keep the goal in mind. 

Lovers & Friends Pt. 2 GirlFriends
Is it cool to experiment sexually with your friends, like with another girl?
So you want to eat your friend’s box, huh? Should you do it? Ehh.. I don’t know about that one. This is hard to answer, depending upon the friendship you have and who you are. Speaking from my own personal experience I don’t think it is a good idea to have sex with a REAL friend. If you have a really close friend that you’re thinking about smashing, that may turn out bad. When you open your body up to anyone sexually, whether it be male or female, you can develop feelings for that person. And this is where the problems begin. After the ordeal you may feel uncomfortable or awkward around each other. Your friend should be like family. &You wouldn’t want to ruin a good friendship over being bi-curious. Well I wouldn’t think so..

Having Friends Of The Opposite Sex While You’re In A Relationship
Is it cool to have friends of the opposite sex while you’re in a serious relationship?
I don’t see the point of being in a serious relationship and having friends of the opposite sex that aren’t apart of the life that you made with your dude. So not so much friends, but more like associates. To me is someone that you know superficially. It’s someone that you talk to here and there. You’re cool with them, but you don’t talk to them on the phone, or see each other outside of work or school. You know, that kind of thing. That’s something that I’m cool with because I am possessive when it comes to relationships. A serious relationship to me is living together, or having kids; having some kind of commitment. A grown up kind of relationship.

2 thoughts on “Talkin’ My Shit

  1. I agree that some women can lose their identity in relationships. Being the perfect girlfriend for their boyfriend consumes them and then every girls night out turns into a couples retreat. I hate that shit. I think it's healthy in relationships to spend some time apart and have time set aside for yourself. Being in love and a relationship is beautiful but one should stay true to their self and find their own happiness.


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