braids and flowers
This blog as a platform to give real advice on issues and topics when it comes to everything that has to do with black women (in my opinion), and also educate more people on our history. You’re not going to hear what I have to say in a textbook in High school. So despite your age you can learn something and add to my knowledge as well.  

I am also a writer, so get ready to read some short stories and poems that are inspired from real life situations and feelings. I feel like there are many writers that capture how we feel, but I haven’t read to many books that relate to my experiences and what others I know go through daily. My intent is to share my feelings, write about topics, and create poetry that embodies what women go through who may not have a voice.

I speak from my experience and things that others have experienced around me. I also want to learn from your experiences so feel free to comment on whatever I post, if you like or email me directly at
About The Author:

Hey loves!! My name is Nyque B. & WELCOME to a blog that’s for us! I’m so glad you decided to check it out.

Introduction time. So who am I? 
I am a young mother to a three year old. I am a lover of life, and people.
I have a bachelors in English and a Masters degree in Education; I’m a teacher in an inner-city highschool.
In a short period of time I have accomplished, and experienced a lot and I love to talk and share those experiences with other women and younger ladies to better their lives in whatever way I can.Anything you need advice on, whether its academic, or personal. I got you. Email me at:


That’s all for now.
Talk to you soon!
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