I haven’t read a book quite like this gem. If you like espionage, spy, conspiracy theories, etc, you will enjoy this story of a black woman who is an agent for the FBI. Reading this was almost like being on vacation, with the exotic locations she details. I wasn’t able to get the full juicy details as I wanted, because the text is really a narration of a diary for her children. I could not give it a full five stars because there wasn’t enough action for me. When I think of espionage, I am thinking of a lot of gun violence, a few fights, a little bit more conspiracy, some extra cool, techy, spy gadgets. I also would have liked to read more about her love relationships (I am a hopeless romantic). All in all, this was a great read. The ending has me thinking there will be a seqeul coming soon. I hope so, or maybe I am speaking it into existence?

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