Trust the Process: Mastering Patience

Patience photo

noun; the capacity to accept or tolerate delay, trouble, or suffering without getting angry or upset.

Mastering patience is essential to live a loving, successful life.

In today’s society, everything is instant and in your face, right now. And that can be good for some instances. Like when you have to transfer money over from another account, or when your boo hits you up during the day. But when it comes to intangible things like building love, and creating success, there is not an instant result. If you wanted a lipstick from Fenty, it is as easy as going to the website and ordering one, or simply driving to the store to purchase. If you’re really in a rush now you can order it on your phone and go to the store and pick it up, without waiting in line, looking around the store, etc. Everything is about convenience. Everything is on our time, and right when we demand it. Which might be the reason why we’re so impatient when it comes to reaching our levels of success, and finding love. These things take time, and do not come as soon as you would like.

And it is true you will find someone with an extraordinary beautiful love story, where they met their lover one day and the next day they were married and lived happily ever after. Or, there may be an internet sensation, who went viral and started their careers overnight #CashMeOutside. Yet, most love stories do not work out like that. Most success stories do not work out like that. For intangible things that are valueful (yes, I create my own words sometimes), patience and hard work are the foundation for love, success, and everything in between to flourish.

Success does not come without patience. We need to have patience with our failures. Success is one of those things where you can work for ten years at a dream, and right when you’re fed up, and doubting your dreams and talents, the moment after you try one more time, success will come. Just because you are working hard, doesn’t mean that you will be as successful as you want. Everything is centered around being patient, and working in steps. And even once you think you hit the pinnacle of your success, you made that film, you wrote the book, you got your degree, guess what? There is still hustling you have to complete to get where you want to be, and without patience, you might give up after one too many failures, not knowing the next try could be your big moment.

I know my ladies who have been single for over two years are tired of hearing, “Just be patient”, “…the right one will come around.” I get that. Trust me. I was single for two years before I met my current boyfriend, and I was tired of hearing that shit too. I already had a career, I was living on my own, taking care of my family, had two degrees etc, so I’m like what do I need to wait for? At a point I was desperate for some type of connection, I would go on Tinder daily, hoping that one of those clicks would lead me to my future husband. Patience would teach me that things do not happen on my own time. Sometimes we have to be patient and wait for our time. God has planned something for you better than you can expect. Not having patience in the romantic realm, will only leave you finding reasons to love a man that you have settled for. I have witnessed it too many times.

The way we react to stressful situations and people, will have a different, result by just having a little patience. Waiting, and letting things work themselves is better than giving negativity attention. We are all human with a range of emotions, and yes I know, we sometimes act off of emotions, instead of using our minds, but that is something we need to put on our radar to work on as much as possible. Now, I am not saying to let people pick on you, or to have situations where you don’t advocate and fight for yourself, but I think if we were more mindful of having patience, we could make things a tad easier for ourselves in various areas of our lives.

What you think? What are some areas in your life where you can be more patient? Are there any situations where if patience was used, the results could have been more positive?

Let me know!

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Until next time,

Nyque Brown

One thought on “Trust the Process: Mastering Patience

  1. Love your writing.. I need to be more patient when I cook LOL and when I am planning out my life. Not everything will happen at once and sometimes the best things come when we are patient and trust that whats right for us will come when it’s the right time.


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