Interview with NY Times Best Selling Author Omar Tyree discussing his new e-series, The American Disease

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I have been a fan of Omar Tyree since I read Flyy Girl when I was a preteen. I loved his storytelling, and the connection I can make with his characters to people in my own life. Of course, through out the decades of his career, he has produced some great works for his readers, and critics alike. But in today’s day and age, Mr. Tyree has decided to write an e series called, “The American Disease”.

In my opinion this series tackles a magnitude of topics that are relevant to Black Americans, whether young or old. The book discusses infidelity, money issues, selling out (Kanye West-Uncle Tomish), mother daughter relationships, murder, biracial issues, and much more. I suggest you buy your copy of the series click here.

I sat down and interviewed the NY Times Best Selling author to discuss a few important points of his new series.

Me: Let’s start off with the title, “The American Disease”, what is the American Disease? Do you feel that this trait is an American thing, or does it span worldwide?

Omar: The American Disease is the economic, social, political, cultural and personal poison of capitalism which has fond either rich or broke and barely making it. We have rich and poor people all around the world but no place makes you more desperate to get it than America.

Me: What propelled you to do a series vs. a traditional book, or full length ebook?

Omar: Economics again. The cost of printing, shipping, selling from the stores and the time that it takes to put together a physical book made this series much easier and more profitable to do as an ebook. Particularly since it’s a monthly series.

Me: Where can your readers buy this book? When will the next installment be available? What can readers expect from your next installment?

Omar: Every first week of each month you can check back in with and or wherever people buy their ebooks to get the next episode. And you can expect a great read every single time, dealing with the insanity of money and capitalism in America.

Me: Tell me about some of your characters, and the inspiration behind them, especially Billy. What is the most difficult aspect about writing characters from the opposite sex?

Omar: Sorry, but there are too many great characters to talk about in this series. We have a football star, 2 multi-millionaires, a scriptwriter, a single mother of 3, a young rapper, a social media vixen, a financial coach, a private investigator, and the Billy represents my anger with scared black money right now. I’m that pissed off with folks who refuse to invest in other black people right now! PISSED!

Me: Is there anything that you edited out of the book?

Omar: Naw, this all raw material here. But I do think toning down the language of the characters. I feel black folks are still using too many N-words and B-words these days! But I have to be true to the times with these folks!

Me: What do you want readers to get out of reading your book?

Omar: I want to real think about what capitalism is doing to us!

Me: What or who inspires you to write?

Omar: Having strong and creative things to say to my people keeps me inspired to write.

Me: Do you have any advice for new writers?

Omar: Yes, hire me as your consultant @ and you can also reach me on Twitter / Instagram / Facebook / LinkedIn / and follow my music YouTube & SoundCloud ALL LISTED AS OMAR TYREE

Well you heard it here! Check it out and let me know how you like it!

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