Lovers & Friends Pt. 2 GirlFriends

Lovers & Friends Pt. 2 GirlFriends

Is it cool to experiment sexually with your friends, like with another girl?

So you want to eat your friend’s box, huh? Should you do it? Ehh.. I don’t know about that one. This is hard to answer, depending upon the friendship you have and who you are. Speaking from my own personal experience I don’t think it is a good idea to have sex with a REAL friend. If you have a really close friend that you’re thinking about smashing, that may turn out bad. When you open your body up to anyone sexually, whether it be male or female, you can develop feelings for that person. And this is where the problems begin. After the ordeal you may feel uncomfortable or awkward around each other. Your friend should be like family. &You wouldn’t want to ruin a good friendship over being bi-curious. Well I wouldn’t think so..

BUT if you’re thinking about having sex with an acquaintance, a ½ of friend, someone you knew for years superficially, but don’t really know like-that-like-that, or like a Facebook friend, by all means do ya thing! Because in the worst case scenario, if you end up not being friends it wouldn’t affect you as severely as it would with a close friend.

Now I’m not saying that if you did have sex with a close friend it wouldn’t be fun and run smoothly, but you just have to take everything into account.

I have some friends who have messed with each other and they’re still cool, and I have some friends who have messed with each other and they’re no longer friends but if they see each other they would speak type thing. So it’s completely up to you.  

If you really want to experiment sexually I think you should simply find someone outside of your friends. Or get a friend to hook you up with a friend. You know how that goes!

Have you ever been in this situation, or something similar? What has your experience been like?

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