Forever Was Too Much To Ask For

Forever Was Too Much To Ask For


Forever was too long of a time for that chemistry to last.

I can recall when your brown skin

energized and radiated my sense to be comfortable.

Comfortably me.

But you fooled me. Because that time has changed

Now you judge me from my past. On things.

That you can’t even imagine I’ve felt.

holding it against me as an excuse for the way you behave. (Shame on you).


Perhaps I’m thinking too deeply.

Or feelin’ too much,

maybe the love in the beginning

will always fade away

Same as the respect and the trust.


Hot Tears hit the back of my eyes,

waiting to be released

while in a nostalgic mood..I lay next to you

And only get warmed by the sheets

I look into your eyes only to view a blank gaze

The same reflection that returns to me when I look into the mirror.

There’s a nothingness

I’m hollow

Lonely and bare.

Fear and hope both dangling by a thread.


Am lifeless

Speech in monotones,


whispering to the hum of loneliness.

your arm strokes my back leaving

without a sensation that I can feel


Cause I’m heartless

cold and alone

My smile doesn’t come out to visit anymore

My dimples are no longer visible


Forever was too much to ask for.


-Nyque B.

Can you relate?

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