Why Do Women Wait For Men?

Rant – Why Do Women Wait For Men?


One thing that I have been trying to understand about us women is why do we wait around for men?!? I continuously talk to ladies and hear the same word: wait. The definition of wait is “to stay where one is or delay action until a particular time or until something else happens; remain in readiness for some purpose” (Dictionary.com). I know that we already have a crystal clear understanding of what the word “wait” means because we pause our entire growth, just until we get the faintest sign from a man, that he is ready to give us what we really want. And even after years and years of waiting and waiting for what we want. We still don’t get it. And to make matters even worse, the man that we waited for all of those years gives what we wanted to someone else. It’s so stupid! Really.

I’m not isolated from this population because I have wasted four years holding myself back trying to wait for “my man” to catch up. I mean don’t get me wrong it’s not like I was in a cell with only him having the key, but I have turned down many opportunities, and new experiences because I was in a dysfunctional relationship, waiting for him to do what I needed him to do to feel loved or content or what have you. I mean I have met a woman who has stopped going to school so she can work to take care of a man. Till this day, she is waiting for her man to get a better job so she can go back to school. What type of fuckery is that?  If a man is not giving you what you want, then leave. It’s very simple. Time is too valuable, and you can never get it back! Stop waiting on these dudes to waste your time and find someone who is willing to give you the world. 

In the words of Porsha from HWOA, “Let your weave down and move forward.”

Rant Over

2 thoughts on “Why Do Women Wait For Men?

  1. The thing is we know these things… we know that these lame ass man ‘childs’ are not going to do any better, because we accept the bullshit from the get go… we need to break that cycle first for men to respect us and catch up…

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