Okay ladies, so this is something that has been bothering me for awhile now. I want to touch on this topic in a rant and I’ll go into further details in a later post. So anyway as I’m on my social media I keep seeing these memes, and statuses that are so ridiculous and I hope that us women are not taking it seriously.

Investing In Yourself: The Coochie Stock

We all took sex Ed in school and figured out that EVERY woman has a vagina, right? So what makes yours so special? Why brag about something that EVERY woman has? No good coochie ever made a man stay with a woman. I don’t mean staying by breaking up with you, forming a new relationship with another woman, and still having sex with you on the side. I don’t mean a man staying with you by stringing you along in a situationship. That’s not staying and that’s not a bond. You’re just easy and accessible. Still don’t believe me? Okay, so let’s say your ex or some dude you been talking to told you that you have the best pussy in the world, the kinda pussy if you threw it in the air, would turn into sunshine. But where is he now and why isn’t he in a healthy committed relationship with you? Why isn’t he loving you the way you need to feel free? Why are you talking about old memories of him? Why aren’t you his girlfriend? Don’t worry, I’ll wait.

I’m not saying that our coochies are invaluable, yeah right, we run this shit bihh. But I am saying we should have other positive qualities and attributes that we have confidence in. Take pride in. This will put you on another playing field because a man can view you as more than a sex object, more than a sexual release. You have to view yourself as valuable as a whole person, not valuable because you think nobody coochie gets wetter than yours. Stop it.

If you find that men just value you or use you for sex, it’s probably because you don’t value yourself past your sex skills. You’re probably boring, and you don’t take you’re time to feel a man’s vibe out. You have no life outside of what you do for others, maybe you don’t do anything productive, or things that truly make you happy. You might always be available, or there’s no chase to you. Besides your job, what do you do? Sometimes as women we have to take a step back and evaluate ourselves. It takes brutal honesty to execute reflection, and understand what we need to do for ourselves in order to feel whole, and not rely on sex to get a man.

I know some of you think you have done everything you need to do, and you’re in a good space, yet you still can’t find a man to stay. So what’s the problem?

There’s no issue, you the shit, but sometimes life doesn’t give us what we want until we are ready for it. It is like God is trying to tell us we need to change an aspect of our lives. Dig deeper, perform more soul searching, focus on more productive things, and show gratitude for what we already have.

When dealing with men…

Learn how to hold conversations and ask questions. Get comfortable in the mind of that man. Expose him to who you are. Have something outside of him that you focus on. Participate in productive things. Have something to say besides “wyd” and sexting. Save the sex for after you feel comfortable with him from spending quality time together and conversing. Before you ride him, learn where he wants to go in life, find out what he’s passionate about. When you turn him down, he will be OK. That man is not celibate. Even if he told you that you’re the only one he’s talking to, don’t feel any type of way if he asks and you deny his request.

Having sex with you needs to be the icing on the cake. After you hook him with your personality and conversation, give him some of that sunshine. Try it out with the next decent man you encounter. And if you still think that having some good coochie will keep him around, loving you completely…

I’m just sayin’…

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