I finally told you
I nervously looked into your eyes but you didn’t say a word.
Turned your back towards me and
fell asleep.
That         night       killed      me       so                                                                                                                 
the next day i went to kill the rest of the life
i had pumping inside of me.
And you never asked about it,
i guess
it wasn’t your concern…
Someone asked me about you
&I almost missed you
I recalled those nights
When I laid in our bed,
Looking at your facebook,
Checking my messages,
Dialing your number,
Texting you,
Praying that you would come back
To me in one piece.
Just to bring me peace
But there was never peace.
Just old, broken pieces 
of You that were recycled from other 
Who got to share the biggest
piece of joy and sanity of
mine. But we didn’t share the
the heartbreak
that came from loving you.
I only got that benefit.
But it was never your concern.
Now im sitting with self
looking at a screen…
scrolling through old memories
Trying to discern the facts of our love
Did I give him too much of me?
Did I not give him enough?
I know you’re with someone else now
&that’s not my concern…
But I hope she does you dirty

You bastard. 

Until next time!!
-Nyque Brown _______________________________________________________________

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4 thoughts on “Concerned

  1. What goes around comes around. And the next person he is involved with won't be concerned with his ass! Lol bastard


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