How You Gon Act Like That?: Get Rid Of Those Negative Thoughts

How You Gon Act Like That?: Get Rid Of Those Negative Thoughts
Ladies. It’s time for us to change our way of thinking! I encounter women of different races, sizes, educational levels, etc. who cannot get themselves in order to get to happiness. The reason why so many of US are unhappy is because our thinking is fucked up. There are many elements in our society that we can place blame on for our inner-negative-self-ideologies, however it is OUR job as women, a-step in our womanhood, if you will, to evolve our negative thoughts into positive thoughts that will prepare us for happiness, motivate future endeavors, and build confidence, and self-esteem.
1.   The first thing that you should do to change your way of thinking is to stop carrying the guilt of past mistakes you’ve made. It’s not that deep! It doesn’t matter what you have done. There’s no way of becoming who you are destined to be if you down yourself from mistakes of the past. I don’t care if you slept with your best friend’s fiancé or you dropped out of college and are ashamed to tell your parents. It doesn’t matter. Your life is your concern at the moment. Clearing your mind, and finding peace is your mission, so you can’t worry about how others feel, or felt about your actions. The repercussions already happened; whether you’re dealing with it be emotionally, physically (someone beat your ass), or financially. Let it go, and move on. More on self-forgiveness. View prior post. CLICK HERE
2.       Get rid of people who reassure negative thoughts:
There is no way to change your thoughts if you don’t change negative people who surround you. This may be hard to do because the people that are negative may be those who are closet to you, but your loyalty is to yourself right now, always remember that.
                                Ways to detect negative people in your life:
          Listen to what those say to you. Words hold a lot of weight, and if you are already having negative thoughts, negative people will reinforce these thoughts. For example, if you are working towards a degree and your boyfriend says things like, “That degree don’t mean shit, it’s just a piece of paper.” He is jealous of you and what you’re doing for yourself. When people in your life say things like this, even in a joking way, analyze what this person does in their own lives. Positive people encourage you and your dreams, despite the current circumstances of their own lives. They will dismantle negative talk and replace it with positivity.
          Notice those who support you and show up for you. Many “friends” can be jealous because of their own personal battles. Which have nothing to do with you, but ultimately affects you all the same because it shows in their actions towards you. Positive people support each other. If you have “friends”, or a “boyfriend” that doesn’t support you by being there for you in big moments, or perpetually wants a discount on your services, you may want to reassess the connection.
SN: Keep in mind that people have their own lives, so make sure to analyze the entire situation.
          Watch how people make you feel. I’m the kind of person that goes off of vibes; I am very perceptive of things like that. If you notice that you leave someone in a particularly somber mood. It’s literally as if this person vacuums your good energy away and replaces it with ill feelings. These are people you need to avoid on all accounts. It’s all about good energy and your peace of mind. If people place a boulder on your shoulders, always complaining about life, maintaining the woe-is-me mentality, nothing good to talk about, leave these miserable people in your past. UNAPOLOGETICALLY.
3.         –                  Stop Complaining! If you don’t like how your life is going at the moment than                      change it! I cannot say this enough: You are in control of your life, so start acting like it. I hear sooo many stories of women complaining about how a man doesn’t treat them how they want them to, their job doesn’t pay enough to get the real Brazilian hair so they have to settle for Brazilian Remy, they’re getting fat. Shut                   Up! If no one has told you, let me tell you, you are extremely annoying. If you hate your job, get an education in some field that interests you and get a career that you enjoy. If you’re too big for your taste, then go get an Herbal Life plan and a gym membership. Stop complaining and change your situation!
 NEWS FLASH!!! Everyone goes through issues. You are not the only one who has been played, lost a job, parents don’t love them enough, had a dream deferred, etc. Relax. If you let your issues control you, you are becoming weak. Woman Up! Don’t you understand how strong you are? You are a woman. The best thing to ever bless this universe. We create, carry, and nurture life; future generations. We are the ultimate prize. Act like it! Stop letting things that people have done to hurt you, control you. You are here for a divine purpose, stop sweating what people have done to try to bring you down. Stop being the victim. 

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