Reasons Why You Should Go After The Man You Want

Reasons Why You Should Go After The Man You Want
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Scenario: You’re out with your girls, looking good, smelling good, all that. You keep seeing this man look at you in the corner of your eye. You give him the once over and he looks good.  Something you haven’t seen in awhile. I mean he looks so good it almost make you want to find his mom and slap her. Get the picture? So you tell your friends to look but don’t look right now, even though they look directly at him anyway. (All extra). He notices and throws you a genuine smile. But then nothing. You wait for him all night to come talk to you, but he doesn’t. So right before you leave, you see him by himself. Do you approach him?

Yes ma’am! I surely would.

Since now a days we are living in an America where women are proposing to men (even though I truly think that is doin the most), I would think more ladies would approach the men that they’re interested in. A lot of women will be independent in every aspect of their lives, yet will always wait for a man to approach them. Why? When you could go after the man that you really want, and not the man that is just O.K.

I know as ladies we were always taught to look presentable, make eye contact and smile to get a man’s attention. Rarely are we taught to go after a man that catches our eye. We are taught that if a man is interested in us, he will approach us. OK. I get that, totally understandable. It is true. Men like the chase, and women like to be chased. But in my experiences with men, they like it when you’re aggressive at times. Additionally, when a lady goes after a man it will, nine times out of ten, make him feel special. Like he is the chosen one, or something. You can always hit them with the line, “I don’t usually do this but uhh…” (It’s worth a try!).

If you are going to approach him make sure to have your confidence on display…let him see you smile. Be yourself, even if you’re corny, be genuine. For instance I sent a guy a note one time ‘cus I couldn’t get to him face to face and I didn’t know his name to stalk him online (Don’t act like you don’t do it). So anyway I got a friend of mine to pass it to him since they were cordial, and cutie hit me up a couple days later. Note passing in your 20’s? Corny right? Yeah. But did it work? Yup.

You have to go after what you want in life. That goes for men too. There are ways to go about it where you don’t look desperate and you don’t have to do all the work. Once you let a man know you’re interested, he will take it from there.

Side note: Don’t feel bad if the man rejects your interest. I don’t take it personal. My mind rationalizes it as he must already be in a relationship, he’s broke, or he’s gay. And it doesn’t really matter if he thinks I am the ugliest chick in the world…in my world it isn’t me, it’s one of them three reasons. However true or not, it makes me feel better. (Wink).

Have you ever gone after a man before? What is your story? Would you? Why or why not? 
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