Goin’ Out Solo Dolo

Goin’ Out Solo Dolo

Have you ever went to the movies, out to eat, or a club by yourself?

actually just started hangin’ with myself more. This is something new to me because I’m used to having at least one friend  go somewhere with me. But as of late, I have been wanting to participate in different activities but passed up the events because I had no one to accompany me. It’s happened so many times over the past year and for all different reasons. Either my friends didn’t have the money at the time, couldn’t find a babysitter, hair wasn’t done, etc. &this was vice versa too ‘cus I know I passed up some fun events with my friends as well for those same reasons.

So one day I got fed up and decided that I’m going to start going to events, and activities by myself; doing the things I want to do. I think we should do this more. I feel like we aren’t encouraged to go out by ourselves. We ALWAYZ have to have someone with us. But I think we should explore, travel, and be able to entertain ourselves for an evening without anyone else; from time to time.

If we are to do this we have to be extra safe and take precautions. These are some things I do when I go out by myself.

I let someone know what my plans are for the evening. It could be a friend, parent, boyfriend, whoever.

I make sure my phone is charged fully before leaving the house.

I carry some discreet weapons with me (I swear I’m a spy). Along with some lip gloss, gum, cash (my debit card stays home), and ID. Basically the essentials.  

I’m always conscious of my belongings and surroundings. Which means I keep an eye on errythang. But there’s no way to do this if I’m constantly on my phone checking messages, taking pictures or scrolling through Facebook statuses.

I am friendly but not too nice. I simply ask questions. Network. I have fun but I don’t let my guard down. I make sure to smile; you can’t have the Kanye face on for the entire event and then wonder why nobody approaches you.

I also make sure I look good and that my presence shows my cool nature and confidence instead of insecurities. How can you have a good time if you’re out and only worried about if your hair lays with your freshly curled weave, or if anyone can notice the small rip in your shirt from tearing the price tags out too hastily? Nobody cares and the more you show attention to it, the less you will feel comfortable. And people will notice that. 

I don’t accept a drink from someone unless I SEE the bartender make it. I know it’s extra but I don’t play no games. You have to be mindful of people, you never know their intentions. On top of that I will limit myself to 2 drinks when I’m by myself (only 1 Long Island Ice Tea though).

Despite all the rules I have for going out by myself I always remember to have fun and relax.

So what about you? Do you ever go out by yourself? If so, what are your precautions and rules? Or do you think it’s weird to go out without friends?

2 thoughts on “Goin’ Out Solo Dolo

  1. Would you go others place by yourself?

    I've gone out to eat by myself, a lot, but I just started to venture out to events and other activities by myself. It's really not that bad at all.


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