Books To Read

Books To Read:

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“I don’t like to read. It’s boring.” Ughh..Everytime I hear someone say this I cringe! And I hear it a lot from my students, friends, colleagues, parents..well from people in general. It sucks that some people have never read a good book. 

Reading a good book is one of my favorite past times. Before or after I get into my reality shows and TV dramas like Love and Hip Hop, Basketball Wives, Housewives, Law and Order SVU, and Orange is the New Black, just to name a few, I make sure I pick up a novel. To me there’s nothing like getting into a new book with new characters, settings, perspectives, language, lessons to be learned, etc. It’s especially rewarding when you have a stressful life or lifestyle. Or when you just want to get outside of yourself. It takes you to a different place, as different person.

Below is a list of recommendations for the books that I have read and absolutely loved. You are welcome to email me @ after you have read any of the books and we can discuss them. 

Ruby By Cynthia Bond
On the rare occasion when someone does ask me about a good book the first one I recommend is Ruby by Cynthia Bond. This is her debut novel that actually took her ten whole years to complete! The finish project turned out to be a 900 page book, so it’s split into three parts. I’m still waiting for the release date of the next one! (I wish she would hurry up!) Anyways, Ruby and Ephram are the two main characters of this coming of age love story that is set roughly from the 1920’s-1970’s. Ephram is presented to us readers as a controlled young man whose favorite pastime is to attend church and follow the orders and rules of his older sister Celia. Ruby is introduced to us as an arcane young woman who has had a rough life, to say the least. She has been mentally and physically abused, raped, kidnapped, abandoned, sold and even possessed with the souls of dead infants in her womb. I know. It sounds crazy, right? Well trust me, it all comes together into an original, organic love story that is truly unforgettable. The most compelling aspect of this book to me is the poetic language that is used. The way that she pulls words together in her descriptions will definitely leave an impression on you.
Side note: This novel deals with deep issues like racial hate crimes, rape, sexual exploitation, sex trafficking, kidnapping, molestation, and murder. With that being said, it is for a mature audience. 
In Praise of Black Women Volume 1: Ancient African Queens By Simone Schwartz-Bart and Andr Schwartz-Bart
Have you ever heard of Black Eve? How about mitochondria DNA? You ready to learn something? Well you should pick up the non-fiction book “In Praise of Black Women”. It is an eye opening, and insightful look into the history of Black Women, and mankind in general. There was so much information in the first volume that I’m still not finished with it yet. Caution: Be prepared to read with a pen and notebook like you’re studying for an exam. Besides the fact that I learned so much from reading this book, the mere pictures, and drawings are enough to make you want to pick it up. There are three more volumes and I can’t wait to get my hands on the others. Since in America we will never hear this information thru the media, or learn it in school, it is important to read up on our own. Let me know if you read it, we can discuss some topics!
In the future I will use a lot of information from this book under the tab WHAT AMERICA NEVER TOLD US, so make sure to check their for more information to learn more.  
The Grayson Family Series by Francis Ray

If you’re looking for a series of romance novels, you should pick up one of Francis Ray’s creations. She has written 43 novels during her career; so I think she knows what she’s doing right? Right. These novels aren’t super lengthy but their always interesting. And the characters that she describes..Ughh I love them. Brandon is my favorite Grayson character. Her story telling is smooth and vivid. The descriptions of the characters will have you looking at all the love interests in your life with a different eye. I am not positive if they make men like her characters but it definitely keeps the hope alive. This particular series is set in New Mexico. But with 43 novels she has about six other series set in other cities. It will be hard to put one of her books down once you start. Tell me which ones are your favorites once you get to reading! My absolute favorite one is “You And No Other”. 

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